Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World In 2023

Sports are one of the activated games that play worldwide, not in just one city or county. It is also healthy activities that maintain our body health and set our mind well. People want to watch the games and want to participate in their games. Here are a lot of the most common sports all over the world.

History supports are not only a favorite pastime but also a significant component of contemporary culture. In this article, we will examine the most popular sports in the world.

Also, we let you know about support, which sports are so popular, and how many they have fans.

10 Most Popular Sports in the World

  1. Association football/ soccer 

  2. Cricket 

  3. Hockey 

  4. Tennis 

  5. Volleyball 

  6. Table tennis 

  7. Basketball 

  8. Baseball 

  9. Rugby 

  10. Golf 

Top 10 Rated Sports Which Play In a High Level

Association football/ soccer (4 Billion Fans)

It is a popular sport with 4 billion fans, association football/ soccer as it is known in the US and Canada because it is the most popular sport in the world.

Soccer is played between two teams on a rectangular field with a goal at both ends. Each team tries to dribble the ball into their opponent’s goal. 

Cricket (2.5 Billion Fans)

Cricket is the second favorite sport all over the world population; cricket is a fantastic sport followed by about 2.5 billion fans, and comes play from majorly countries such as Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India.

The female-dominated version of cricket has become more well-known recently, despite the male-dominated performance receiving more media attention. 

Hockey (2 Billion Fans)

Field hockey and ice hockey rank among the most popular sports worldwide. Ice hockey takes an excellent level of attention in the US, Canada, and Northern Europe, which is no different from other regions.

That is the sport that women and men both played and globally, about 2 billion peoples follow hockey, especially the national hockey league (NHL). 

Tennis (1 Billion Fans) 

Tennis is a very enthusiastic support globally and a very strenuous and physically intensive sport. Tennis played by men and women attracts excellent media attention. And it is globally famous, with a ratio of 1 billion fans. 

Volleyball (900 Million Fans)

Volleyball has great attention globally, and it has enormous fans, approx 900 million, who like volleyball very much. Majorly played in North and South America, Western Europe, Australia, and Asia; however, compared to other popular sports, it receives less television coverage.

Volleyball is so popular among both genders is on the rise. 

Table Tennis (875 Million Fans)

Table tennis is known as ping pong; since 2003, this has been a very active sports game; In England, organized table tennis was in the early 20th century. Table tennis is less popular than other prominent sports tournaments; it has a respectable number of global fans and followers on social media. 

Basketball (825 Million Fans)

Basketball is a trendy sport, basketball is now played globally with an estimated 825 million fans, and two teams compete in the quick-paced sport of basketball.

There is no denying that basketball is currently one of the sports that receive the most media attention worldwide. 

Baseball (500 Million Fans)

People love to play baseball, and baseball has 500 million fans; not only is baseball a pastime sport in America, but it is most popular in the Caribbean and East Asia.

Male athletes overwhelmingly dominate the sport, putting gender equality to the test. 

Rugby (475 Million Fans)

Rugby is a contract that resembles American football quite a bit; Rugby is trendy in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other commonwealth nations. People like Rigby, and it has approx 475 Million Fans.

Golf (450 Million Fans)

Golf has an estimated fan base of about 450 million fans worldwide. North America, Western Europe, and East Asia are the regions where it is most common.