Rose Gold Finish Watches by Swarovski

Swarovski watches are not only for merely measuring time, they are created to celebrate every moment in the most exquisite manner possible. Every piece of the brand reflects its precision, dedication, and years of experience. The wristwatch collection of Swarovski is wide, allowing customers to choose from an array of options. Amidst these glittering watches, the rose gold finish shines a little more.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 rose gold finish watches by Swarovski and elaborate on each watch in detail??

Top 5 Rose Gold Finish Watches from Swarovski

The soft shade of rose gold in a watch adds a hint of sophistication, making watches appear more sophisticated. 

Following are the 5 Swarovski watches with a rose gold finish that you can opt for. 

Octea Chrono Watch

The 37mm Chrono watch is designed from a blend of stainless steel featuring a crystallized bezel and gold-tone finish. Under the crystal glass, a white guilloche dial is present with a Swan logo at 12 o’clock.

Aside from that, crystals are also used in the watch to elevate its overall appearance. This Swiss-made watch is water-resistant and comes with a mixed metal finish. 

The Octea Chrono Watch is water resistant which makes it durable and suitable for different environments

You can buy Octea Chrono Watch priced at USD 550 to level up your style. 

Certa Watch
The Certa reflects elegance and contemporary style in every bit. The watch features a 30mm case with a bezel set decorated with 30 crystals. The iconic Swan logo of Swarovski is present at 12 o’clock accompanied by a crystal. Moreover, the rose gold finish, guilloche dial, and mineral glass complete the overall appearance of the watch. 

The Certa Watch is crafted to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the personality of the user

You can buy Certa Watch for just USD 380, available with a seven-link two-toned bracelet. 

Dextra Bangle Watch
As evident from the name, the Dextra watch features a bangle and an octagonal shape dial with 92 crystals on the bezel. Alongside these crystals, an additional 194 crystals are also present along the adjustable bracelet providing it exceptional shine. Similar to other watches, Dextra is also Swiss-made and water-resistant.

The bangle of Dextra watch features 194 crystals

While shopping Dextra Bangle Watch priced at USD 380, you can choose from three different colors. 

Illumina Watch

The Illumina Watch by Swarovski also features a bracelet decorated with 210 clear crystals completed with a gold-tone finish. Three different crystals are used for index markers; whereas a Swan logo is present at 12 o’clock. The abundance of crystals in the watch makes it eye-catching and radiant around the clock.

Illumina Watch features a Swan logo at 12 o’clock

If you are also interested in wearing this mesmerizing watch, buy Illumina Watch available with a price tag of USD 400. 

Crystal Rock Oval Watch

The Crystal Rock features an oval dial which is 26mm x 29 mm in size. A sunray dial with a Swan logo and a large crystal in the watch’s crown. Crystals are also placed at the hour markers in the dial. To elevate the overall appearance of the watch, a rose gold finish and dragon-skin print belt are used by Swarovski. 

The Crystal Rock has an Oval Dial with Dragon Skin leather strap

You can buy Crystal Rock Oval Watch priced at just USD 400.


When was Swarovski started?

Swarovski was started in 1895 in Austria. 

Is Swarovski a luxury brand?

Yes, Swarovski is a luxury jewelry brand. 

Does Swarovski make good watches?

Yes, Swarovski watches are known for their built quality and design.


This was the complete list of Swarovski watches with rose gold finish. Swarovski has gained a significant reputation in the market for offering elegant jewelry items to customers. Amidst these items, their watches take the lead, especially the rose gold finish. The amalgamation of rose gold with sophisticated design makes jewelry designs exquisite. 

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